WandaVision’s Paul Bettany on the Blue Vision & Last Minute Song Changes

Could you imagine if The Vision’s face was blue instead of red? I’m not exactly sure why you’d imagine that… but you might not have to as there may be images out there of just that very thing. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Bettany talked about the make-up process to become the synthetic man, how it takes longer to remove than apply and that at one point they made him blue.

First, talking about the applying and removal and if it had gotten any easier over the years: “Yes, it has, a little bit. It’s slightly mitigated by not having to wear the actual cowl. But, now, it’s still the bald cap which is attached underneath my eyebrows, by my eyelids, and it goes all the way over. And then, they put dots on… It feels a lot less claustrophobic, but the consequence of having to change so often, when you’re shooting every day, is that your skin is ragged. It’s not like makeup; it’s more like paint. But we’ve found a really good solution. Actually, getting it off seemed to be the really tricky thing because it takes a long time. It’s an over-an-hour process of taking the makeup off, and we found that the thing that really helped us be gentle with my bella faccia was to spend 20 minutes in a sauna with a glass of wine. So, when I begin to sweat, it would want to lift off.”


And when talking about the gray skin he had Avengers: Infinity War thanks to Thanos, and whether it was done with make-up or on the computer, an interesting tidbit was dropped about the new series: “Yeah, that was done in post. I was confused there for a minute because I’ve been so many different colors. In the black-and-white stuff in WandaVision, I am blue in real life. They made me blue because it looked more like that purple, aubergine color you’re expecting. It somehow didn’t look right when I was red, in black and white. So I’ve been so many different colors that I can’t always remember, but with Infinity War, I do remember.”

So, to get the right shade of gray that you’d expect from his red skin, they had to make him blue. You have to love Hollywood magic.



Bettany had no idea what Yakety Yak was on the day of filming. Another interesting story from his interview with The Hollywood Reporter tells us that he had to learn the ukulele and that the song he sang wasn’t the one they intended on doing. The actor was asked what his initial reaction was to reading in the script that he was expected to sing The Coasters’ song Yakety Yak:

“It was worse than that! It was worse than that! We had another song planned. I play the guitar, but I don’t play the ukulele. They’re different shapes, but I’m a quick study on stringed instruments. So it was much worse than that. I had learned another song, and on the day, they came up to me and went, “We’ve got a problem.” And I went, “What’s that?” And they went, “We can’t play that song.” And I went, “Whaaat!?” And they said, “But we can play ‘Yakety Yak’!” And I went, “What’s ‘Yakety Yak’!?” (Laughs.) I didn’t know “Yakety Yak” so I had to learn “Yakety Yak.” On the couch, I think we also sang “Old MacDonald,” and I had to figure it out there, in the wings, before playing it in front of an audience.”

Which leaves us with the obvious and unanswered question… what was the original song they had planned and why weren’t they able to use it?


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