WandaVision Series Leaning Hard Into the Marvel Comics Lore


WandaVision star Paul Bettany tried to address his Marvel future after the series concluded. In a conversation with SFX Magazine, the crew responsible for bringing the strangest MCU project yet to life dished about all things Scarlet Witch and Vision. But, the actor wasn’t about to give up every single riveting detail. Bettany has been very careful to avoid saying anything that might spoil that ending so far, and he wasn’t about to stop now.

When Elizabeth Olsen was asked about the project and how the Vision could possibly be in it after apparently dying in Avengers: Infinity War, she basically told fans they would have to watch and find out. As the coronavirus pandemic stretched on in 2020, those Disney+ viewers are poised to get their first taste of the series. Only then will they know if and how the Vision manages to make it back to the world of the living.

“I’m going to not speak on that one. I love playing the Vision. I would absolutely love to continue in some way, shape or form, in the universe,” Bettany said. “I love this character, and I think that, as you will see when you get to watch this, anything is possible. We can break all kinds of rules. It’s very rich storytelling, and it’s full of many opportunities to tell all sorts of different stories. I love being involved, and it’s been a ride of a lifetime.”


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The Scarlet Witch actress has made no secret of big things coming in WandaVision. Earlier this year, she told fans that they could expect a ton of comic inspiration in this story. Wanda is going to get a whole lot of development alongside her husband.

“I’m just so excited for fans because if they know anything about the Scarlet Witch in the comics, I think this show will just get them so excited,” Olsen explained. “This show will explore why she’s known as the Scarlet Witch and how she is the Scarlet Witch as opposed to Wanda. We’ve always referred to her as Wanda in our films, so it’s an exciting opportunity.”


WandaVision premieres on Disney+ on January 15th.


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