Uncut Gems or Cobblers? Adam Sandler Nuts Up With a Serious Role

Funnyman Sandler’s latest movie Uncut Gems is picking up some seriously good reviews. This follows the very minor bounce of The Meyerowitiz Stories (2017). Is Sandler actually making an effort again?
Or will Sandler slouch back into the dreck of his recent run of movies such as The Ridiculous Six, Murder Mystery, The Week of, Sandy Wexler, The Do-Over, Pixels… and the entirely un-ironic *Cobbler.
*Note: in the UK, cobblers is (politely) slang for ‘rubbish
If Gems works at the box office will Sandler begin to flex his dormant acting chops and aim for the type of dramatic roles that could work for him, the kind of career move which has proved successful for fellow comedians Ray Romano (The Irishman/Get Shorty) and Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay (A Star is Born/Blue Jasmine)?
Maybe he’ll simply be happy as to merely coast on again as the ‘Top Dog’ of an increasingly mangy rat-pack that includes Delta hangers-on Spade, James, Swardson and Schneider, churning out wretched so-called comedies for the likes of Netflix (hello The Do-Over, I’m talking to you).
After all, Sandler did once say that his movies are basically holidays paid for by cinema-goers:

Let’s see where this one takes him.


Stephen Arnell

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