Transgender ‘Batgirl’ Actor Begs Warner Bros. CEO to Release Cancelled Flick


Ivory Aquino, a transgender actor set to co-star in Batgirl , made a last-ditch pitch to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav to revive the $90 million superhero film, which the company has judged “irredeemable” and put on permanent hold, going so far as announcing its intention to destroy any copies of it.


Ivory Aquino, a male-to-female transgender actor, pleaded with Zaslav in an emotional letter shared on Twitter last week to put aside profitable business interests and consider the “fellow human beings and artists” who collaborated on the film. Aquino apparently portrays Alysia Yeoh, Barbara Jordan’s transgender best friend.


The TLDR version of Aquino’s following Twitter outburst is that the actor dismissed claims that the DC Comics movie is “woke,” asserting that the fictional movie about superpowered heroes “reflects the world we live in.”



Batgirl won’t air on HBO Max or in theaters. When Warner Bros. Discovery made the decision to indefinitely suspend the $90 million film earlier this month, the movie was reportedly almost finished. The marketing for the film repeatedly swooned over the fact that it featured the first transgender character in the DC Comics film universe.


In order to convince the IRS that it won’t earn any money from the movie and  therefore qualify for a full tax write-off, the company suggested they plan to physically destroy all of the Batgirl footage.


It sounds like… nothing of value was lost.

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