Trailer Review: Will Ghostbusters: Afterlife Properly Pass the Torch?



Now THAT’S more like it!


Okay, okay let’s get this out of the way. This feels more like a Stranger Things movie (and it seems to be following The Force Awakens soft reboot formula), but I don’t care! This trailer feels like it might be a worthy follow up!


The approach seems to focus on Egon’s grandchildren as they arrive at a small town to move into his old home. Somewhere nearby, a huge hole from a mining dig has apparently triggered a paranormal incident and the kids take up the slack.


Yes, it still sounds like Stranger Things, but I really feel some heart in this movie. It feels like an ’80s throwback set in the modern day, which is perfect for Ghostbusters (and Stranger Things)! This movie feels like it will be a proper passing of the torch.


Do I have fears for the movie? Oh hell yeah, but I feel they’re on the right track anyway based on this trailer alone.


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