Trailer Reaction: Sonic The Hedgehog


Okay. I raged about the teaser poster they did a while back, finding the look to be atrocious! But I decided to wait and see how the movie would actually look, to see how the rest of his appearance would be, and how Jim Carrey as Robotnick would look, and so on.

Then the trailer finally dropped and…at first I was a bit underwhelmed. Then I became enraged once it finally settled in! Seriously friends, this looks HORRIBLE! Sonic looks not only terrible, but damn freakish too! And some elements of what we’re seeing here make no sense (the rings can teleport? HUH? And they repeat the Quicksilver speed gag)! It’s just a fucking mess!

The ONLY saving Grace I personally can see is…Jim Carrey looking like he’s having fun! YES it’s clear he’s playing himself and not Robotnick but…it adds a charm to this version and it’s clear he’s playing a man who is so smart he’s above everyone else. That and his technology does look pretty sweet!

This movie… looks bad! HOW can they do this to Sonic? HUH?!?

Trailer Reactions from the Multiverse: Sonic The Hedgehog (2019)

Robert Willing

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