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For a student, college can be the most exciting part of life. You make good friends and have even better times. There are several movies showcasing college life. Some are rather explicit, while some are a bit more mainstream. Below are the top five films about college life prepared with my friends at WriteMyEssayForMe.


Good Will Hunting

This is a movie known to many. It is the typical story of a smart kid who does not know what is best for him. It is told through the life of one, Will Hunting. This is a young man blessed with the gift of knowledge. However, he has no means of exploiting it as he is an orphan. Also, when a professor discovers his gift, the young man remains arrogant. He wants to continue with his old ways even though there are people who want to see him grow. Good Will Hunting is also not a typical college life story.


This is what makes it so good. Most movies focused on students’ lives are set within the school environment. Yet in this movie, it is more about a young man who does not have the opportunity to attend University. He works as a janitor in a school when he should be in class with his peers. He does end up joining the school’s mathematical department. But his story is broader. It is about the struggles of a young man in his early twenties. It is a must-watch for anyone of this age.



Legally Blonde

This is one of the most popular college movies and a personal favorite. According to the stats of PerfectEssay, students often choose this film as a subject of their movie review essay. It is the tale of an ambitious young woman named Elle. Elle is a smart girl, but her boyfriend, Warner, does not appear to notice this. He finds that she is not intelligent enough to join Harvard law. So, he breaks up with her as seen in this clip.


Legally Blonde (1/11) Movie CLIP - Warner Breaks Up With Elle (2001) HD


Still, Elle wants to show her ex-boyfriend that she can make it into Harvard University. So, she studies hard for the entrance exams and achieves the required score. When she gets there, she finds that her ex-boyfriend is engaged to another student. Also, she can hardly fit in with others at the University. But this does not deter her from becoming a top performer. When a partner at a local law firm comes to their school, this creates an opportunity for Elle to shine. He wants to recruit the best law undergraduates to help in a murder case. Elle is among those selected including Warner and his fiancé. What Elle achieves, in the end, is what makes Legally Blonde one of the best college life movies. She solves the murder case and graduates top of her class. Warner, on the other hand, barely makes the graduation list.


The Graduate

This classic film tells the tale of the challenges that one faces at a young age. The story is told through Benjamin Braddock, a young man who has just graduated from college. Many regard this film as one of the best movies about college. After his graduation party, Benjamin is forced into a situation with the titular Mrs. Robinson. She seduces him, and although Benjamin is adamant at first, he later books them into a hotel. At one time, Benjamin jokes about dating Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine. This angers Mrs. Robinson.



Still, Benjamin’s parents urge him to take Elaine out on a date. On their first date, Benjamin is not interested in Elaine. Still, they end up falling in love. Soon, Elaine learns about Benjamin’s affair with her mother. She breaks up with Benjamin and goes back to school. When Mr. Robinson learns of this, he forces Elaine to marry another young man. But on the date of the wedding, the love between Benjamin and Elaine is demonstrated. Benjamin comes to the wedding and shouts Elaine’s name. Elaine decides to leave her betrothed at the altar and escapes with Benjamin.


Watch this one if you are a fan of romance stories. I love the ending.


Wonder Boys

This is the perfect movie to watch if you are looking for college-related movies. It is told through Grady Tripp, an English professor. He is having an affair with Sara Gaskell, the wife of his departmental head. Grady has not yet written anything worth publishing since his first novel. He is currently living with two of his students. James, one of the students, is a fictional writer. During a party at the Gaskell’s house, Sara tells Grady that she is pregnant with his child. Grady’s misery becomes clear at this point.


He ends up shooting the host’s dog and then hides the dead dog in the trunk of his car. He is not able to tell Sara about it as she confronts him about their affair. He is forced by Sara to either choose her or his third wife. Grady’s inability to face his problems makes him depressed. But later, when his car is stolen, he is forced to come to terms with this truth. He sets things right with Sara as he decides to divorce his third wife. Wonder Boys does not focus so much on college life as it does on an individual’s life. But in the end, it remains one of the good college movies, and barely eeked out Rushmore on this list.


Old School

If you’re looking for laughs in the vein of Animal House, this is new a classic for those who love fraternity or sorority movies. It is grounded on the very thing that defines college life. The film’s main characters all belong to a fraternity. Mitch, one of the characters, has broken up with his girlfriend. He moves into a house at Harrison University. At his housewarming party, Mitch and his friends run into Gordon, an old acquaintance. He is the current dean at the University. He asks them to vacate the house since it is meant for campus housing. But Mitch and the house members refuse.


This prompts Gordon to ask Megan to revoke the fraternity charter, which she refuses. Later, Mitch learns that they can maintain their fraternity. All they need to do is complete a series of activities. Although they manage to complete the activities, Gordon fails them. But, Megan appears with tape as evidence that Gordon wanted to bribe her. Frank uses the tape to get Gordon fired, and the fraternity is reinstated. Mitch and Bernard withdraw from the fraternity and Frank becomes the leader.





For most people, these stories are relatable. Good Will Hunting tells the story of a smart unprivileged kid. Wonder Boys focuses on the extra-marital affairs university lecturers have. Watch the others too, and you will get to learn more about college life – at least from the way Hollywood sees it.



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