Tom Cruise Movie Rescheduling Bumps Another Tom Cruise Film

More movies are moving for this upcoming summer slate. According to Deadline Top Gun: Maverick is moving to November 19th, which means Tom Cruise is bumping Tom Cruise as another of the actor’s films, Mission: Impossible 7 moves from that date to May 27th, 2022 and Mission: Impossible 8 bumps back to July 7, 2023. This isn’t the first time Top Gun has been pushed back.


In response, Universal moved their film The Forever Purge into the vacated July 2nd slot making it the only Independence Day weekend release. Another film that had been slated that weekend, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, moved up two weeks to June 18th.

It is possible that the move of Top Gun: Maverick was made necessary by Disney dropping Marvel’s Black Widow on July 9th, possibly cutting the Cruise starring film’s chances for big box office draw considerably as the first MCU film to hit theaters in two years is expected to get a lot of attention.




Maybe this will give the studio the time they need to correct the apparent Chinese influence which persuaded the studio to remove the Japanese and Taiwanese patches from Maverick’s jacket as seen in the first trailer? What’s going on Paramount?


The original 1986 jacket (left) from Top Gun, and the new jacket (right) from Top Gun: Maverick

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