These Netflix Recommendations are Perfect for ESL Students

One of the best ways to improve your English comprehension is to watch movies in the language. You can pick one with subtitles in your own language, then move on to English subs, and eventually, try to handle a movie without any help.


Choose something not very difficult at first, without scientific terms or historic words. 


No time to watch a movie? Most are usually up to 2 hours long, so while you’re watching a movie, chewing on popcorn, you also improve your English! And if you’re worried about having too much school work to watch TV, just consider letting essay writing services like help you write your papers online, which will give you time for the the 2 extra hours needed for practice watching Netflix!




Next Gen | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Next Gen

Starting with the easiest option we could find, this is the sweetest, kindest animation movie that can become a great start on your English comprehension journey. Next Gen will help to practice pronunciation of the easiest phrases and understanding their meaning. There are lots of basic sentences that you can use in all kinds of conversations after mastering them.

The story tells about a lonely young girl that makes friends with a robot from a top-secret project. They work together to break evil plans of a villain and realize the meaning of friendship. The movie is filled with action scenes and will have you, no matter the age, on the edge of your seat!

Next Gen will guide you through a vision of the future world with lots of modern tech. Yet, there are no tech terms – the dialogues are very simple and after a couple of rewinds, you’ll get the movie even if you’re on level A1 or lower.


Candy Jar | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Candy Jar

This movie will suit everyone who’s interested in enhancing their vocabulary. It’s all about useful words and public speaking. The movie shows you two people who have been competing in all ways against each other since childhood. 

When the time comes to show themselves in the state championship that might help them open doors to their dream universities, all the fun begins. This movie will help your vocabulary in two ways: formal and informal. While the main dialogues of the movie are quite easy and use everyday language, things get very formal during the debates.

Write down a small vocabulary from this movie and rewatch the most difficult parts several times to comprehend their speech better. You’ll become more fluent right after the knowledge settles!


#realityhigh | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix



If you’re into learning more modern slang, especially that connected to social media, #RealityHigh can be of service. You’ll learn all about hashtags, trending stuff, and what’s it all about. The language used in the movie is very casual and quite easy, so this option will be great even for beginners. Just make sure to switch on subtitles for extra help!

It’s very useful to know how youth talk in everyday life. There are no scientific terms or other words that are higher than the intermediate level. Besides, the movie is quite funny, so you’re guaranteed a great mood and cheerful aftertaste!


A Plastic Ocean Official Trailer


A Plastic Ocean

If you’re into documentaries or just got tired of fiction and love stories, it’s time to get educational. Look for documentaries such as A Plastic Ocean. It tells the story of a journalist who is looking for a blue whale that always escapes his view. Instead, he makes a devastating discovery – plastic waste in the area of the ocean that is supposed to be clear of human touch.


The movie is award-winning and will teach you not only about the damage of plastic but also a whole new vocabulary. It might inspire you to read more on the topic of the environment, the damage human activities make to it, and what changes we might be able to do. You will need knowledge on this topic not only for general education but also for topics you may get on an exam.


Several topics for IELTS, for example, are usually about your favorite movie or saving the environment.


Classic TV Series on Netflix

Not only movies can make your leisure educational. You can also watch one of the iconic TV series, such as:

  • The Office
  • Sherlock
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Just about any of the Marvel series (for extra entertainment).


Keep in mind, though, that binge-watching your favorite series may make everything else irrelevant. It’s very easy to forget about your job, studies, and other plans, watching season after season. If you can stop; yourself at the right moment, then go for an interesting option that will help you level up your English comprehension and get you to laugh, boosting an everyday mood.


Making Leisure Time Useful by Watching Netflix Movies

Especially during quarantine, watching movies and TV shows can be very helpful for ESL students who want to be able to speak better English, and it’s fun. Why not make it not only entertaining but also useful? When you finish a film or show, you’ll be surprised with your English skills, vocabulary, and listening abilities. You’ll be able to recognize dialects and dialect-specific words, which is very useful when passing proficiency exams.


With some more practice, you’ll be able to speak more freely because more of your surroundings will be English-spoken. You’re watching movies and TV series anyways, so making it useful will only help. And Netflix provides high-quality subtitles to get you through the first steps.


M. Ammar Shahid

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