The Sea Beast: Check out Netflix’s All-New Kaiju Film

Netflix is certainly no stranger to projects involving giant monsters, with movies like Cloverfield Paradox and series such as Godzilla: Singular Point giving kaiju fans plenty to sink their teeth into. Now, the streaming service is hyping up a new sort of tale following an attack by a giant beast, as the animated movie The Sea Beast has released its first trailer as well as a release date for when fans can expect this new entry into the world of kaiju.

While this movie won’t be introducing a monster to the MonsterVerse, but Netflix is currently working on a new animated series that will focus on none other than King Kong in Kong: Skull IslandThe Sea Beast is set to be brought to life in the same medium of animation via the creative team responsible for the likes of Disney’s Moana and Big Hero 6, promising to take viewers into a world that sees a young girl forging a new friendship with a ship of swashbucklers in the face of giant monster stalking the seas.



The Sea Beast begins streaming on Netflix on July 8th.



John Pallister

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