The Orville’s Low Rotten Tomatoes Score Proves RT is Irrelevant

The Orville’s 27% Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score exposes the ‘Access Media’ for what they are. Why is there so much love for Doctor Who and Star Trek Discovery, but none for The Orville? In doing research for my Doctor Who videos I came across this and was reminded how this is a perfect example why professional critics are no longer needed. This is almost a perfect inversion of the Doctor Who Critic/Audience score.


They can’t all have that bad of taste, can they?


A recent example is with the Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special with a critics score of 100% and an audience score of 20%. Are the critics in fear? They should be, but not from their corporate overlords. Let’s go back and read some of their reviews and then some new ones from the fans.

The Orville 26% Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score Proves They Are Irrelevant | Audience Score 93%

Gary Buechler

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