The Justice League to appear in CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths”?


We Got This Covered has been told by its sources that the Justice League will appear in The CW “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. As the Arrowverse heroes travel to different Earths, it’s said that they’ll meet different versions of the JLA from across the multiverse.

All told, there will apparently be three iterations of the team. We don’t know exactly how they’ll fit into the story or who the rosters will be, but it’s possible – emphasis on possible – that the three Leagues will be the Kingdom Come version, the Earth-1 line-up and the team from Supergirl’s Earth-38.

What is for sure is that NONE of them will be the group from the DCEU. Our source has warned us not to expect actors like Ezra Miller or Jason Momoa to show up. Still, we’ll apparently be seeing multiple versions of Batman, the Flash and Supergirl. For the characters that are already leads in the Arrowverse, it’ll likely be the usual actors playing the doppelgangers. And as for the other heroes new to the franchise, it’s still unclear who might be portraying them, but again, don’t expect the DCEU cast to appear in any capacity.


Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy

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