‘The Imaginary’ Brings Hand-Drawn Anime to Netflix

The new trailer for The Imaginary imagines what would happen if the world’s imaginary friends end up without their best pals. The hand-drawn animated film arrives July 5 on Netflix after first bowing theatrically in Japan, where it grossed $919,000 last year.


The film centers on Amanda and a boy named Rudger, who is her imaginary companion whom no one but she can see. One day, Rudger finds himself alone in The Town, a place for discarded imaginary friends, where he must face a mysterious threat. It is based on the 2015 book from writer A.F. Harrold and artist Emily Gravett.


The Imaginary | Official Trailer | Netflix


The trailer comes as Netflix was touting its animation offerings at the Annecy Film Festival. The streaming service says 130 million of its global subscribers watch animation on a monthly basis.


via THR

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