The Batman’s Debut Could Hit $225M+; Increased Ticket Prices May Help


In the wake of Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home rattling box office records, and creating a gravitational pull toward cinemas with a $1.85 billion global gross, Warner Bros.’ The Batman is looking to keep this big screen rally going.


In fact Batman fever has already fired up: the Matt Reeves directed DC Comics title opened in Korea today taking advantage of a public holiday and grossed a strong $1.7M (with previews). That’s easily Warner Bros.’ best launch day during the pandemic in the territory, the second best debut for a Batman movie since The Dark Knight Rises, and an industry best in the country for 2022 so far. This is all ahead of adding another 74 hubs through Friday. 


Deadline is reporting that the industry projections for the Robert Pattinson movie stand at $115M-$125M domestic, and another $110M-$120M overseas for a global reach of $225M-$245M+. The movie, which carries a production cost of $200M, reps Warner Bros.’ return to pure theatrical releases since executing a day-and-date HBO Max strategy for its U.S. film slate, which began back at Christmas 2020 with Wonder Woman 1984.


However some have noticed that with the new increased and varied price models AMC is rolling out with this film, those grosses will be somewhat inflated over previous price models. According to Yahoo News:


The Batman will cost more to see than other movies in AMC theaters.

During a Tuesday earnings call, the theater chain’s CEO, Adam Aron, announced that AMC’s tickets for the upcoming superhero flick will be “slightly higher than the prices … for other movies playing in the same theaters at the same time,” Entertainment Weekly reports.

According to the outlet, tickets for The Batman cost $1.50 more at a Los Angeles AMC than other movies playing at the same theater at the same time, as of Tuesday morning.


That Umbrella Guy wonders if this could boomerang on the cinemas.


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