Talks from the Multiverse: Vic Mignogna’s Downward Spiral

Vic Mignogna has been a long standing professional in the voice acting industry, specifically the Anime industry. He’s done so many roles from Full Metal Alchemist to Ouran High School Host Club to Dragon Ball Z/Super, and even web series like RWBY. But the man has developed a notorious history of small incidences either of strange behavior with fans or just being a straight up asshole. Not atypical for a celebrity, I know, but he’s racked up a long record during his convention going days.


Then when Dragon Ball Super Broly hit, he was thrown with some more extreme accusations of sexual misconduct among other things. How many of those are true? Most likely none but mixing in with his past behavior that’s easier to prove it’s not hard to see why people are so quick to believe them.


I’ve been a long time fan of Rooster Teeth, from Red vs Blue, to Camp Camp, to RWBY, and currently Gen:LOCK. But it’s with RWBY that has caused me to speak about the whole stuff with Vic Mignogna and all the allegations.  I’m not happy with the decision of Rooster Teeth letting Vic go, but at the same time I’m not surprised it happened either.


Talks from the Multiverse: The Downward Spiral of Vic Mignogna

Robert Willing

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