Star Wars: Last Jedi Review (Spoilers!)

by Douglas Ernst



Star Wars: The Last Jedi has an interesting message for men who grew up watching the original trilogy:

All your heroes were dangerous morons who would have been better off if they ditched the whole “Jedi” thing and asked women what to do. Director Rian Johnson wants you to “kill the past” (i.e., your love for everything that made Star Wars great) and learn from your “mistakes” (i.e., not blindly deferring to know-it-all women when things get tough).

Currently on Rotten Tomatoes, there is a huge discrepancy between critical praise and audience reaction… nearly 40 points. Critics give it a 93% rating, while fans are giving it a 56% rating. Clearly this is going to be one of the most divisive films in the franchise.

Last Jedi: Rian's middle finger chin scratch to confident men

Could the leadership team be the culprit for why the film has more critical acclaim than audience acclaim?

Here’s Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy posing (in black) with fan/activists.

As if that weren’t enough, here is a recent sample from the director’s own social media feed. Could long-time fans be dealing with a subtle Jedi mind-trick?

The Guardian has several other audience reviews at their website, some saying the film has ‘All the grace of a drunk ewok’ – worth your click.

And this video review from ET Canada has gone viral.


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