Spoilers: Barry Keoghan’s Character in The Batman Revealed


In the months leading up to its release, fans wondered who Eternals star Barry Keoghan would be playing in The Batman. With the film now in cinemas, it has finally been revealed who the mystery prisoner he plays actually is. We already called this, but for those that missed it, or haven’t seen The Batman…  **SPOILER ALERT**


His part remained a mystery until the Irish actor was cast as “Unseen Prisoner” in a cast list. With the release of the film, the mystery of who the unseen prisoner is has been revealed, and it turns out to be the current incarnation of Batman’s arch-enemy, the Joker. 



While The Batman doesn’t have a post-credit scene, the last seconds of the movie play out like an extra scene, as we see the aftermath of The Riddler’s reign of terror and find the villain in his prison cell contemplating his partial defeat by Batman. In the cell next to him is a scarred man who offers to be his friend. Following that, the prisoner laughs, a laugh that Batman movie aficionados would recognize.


Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight brought the Joker into his Batman trilogy after teasing him at the end of Batman Begins. While this tease of the character could be moving in the same direction, it’s possible that this is just a red herring for now, since there are a number of alternative possibilities for who Batman could face in his next film since The Batman included a variety of well-known characters from Batman’s past. So it is possible that the sequel may contain more than one foe for the Dark Knight to face.


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