Spider-Man: No Way Home Nearing $2Billion Globally… Without China


Even with most of the movie theaters shut down in the Northeast due to winter-storm Kenan, Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to top the box office, pulling in another $11 million on its seventh weekend. That’s above the studio’s original estimates which puts the movie at $735.9 million domestically, just $24.6 million behind James Cameron’s Avatar.


The film is now up to $1.74 billion globally and is estimated to be close to $610 million in profit. Spider-Man continues to be helped by the fact that not major films have opened against it other than Scream’s debut weekend. Scream continues in second place with $7.35 million for the weekend and Sing 2 takes in $4.8 million for third place. The international marked is the most impressive, with Spider-Man being only the 10th film to ever break the $1 billion mark in overseas ticket sales and that is without not having been released in China.


If that ever changes then this film could skyrocket even higher. 

Christina Wiggins

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