Spider-Man: Freshman Year Producer Addresses Cancellation Rumors


Spider-Man: Freshman Year on Disney+ isn’t having the easiest run leading up to its release, but one Marvel executive may have given fans hope regarding its streaming run.


The MCU’s entire slate of projects from Marvel Studios Animation was recently put into serious jeopardy with the news that a number of layoffs cut down the animation team significantly in recent weeks. Reports noted that the studio is close to calling this endeavor “a failed experiment,” leaving the entire animated slate in limbo even with numerous projects in the works.


One specific project that’s seemingly in more jeopardy than the others is Spider-Man: Freshman Year, with rumors citing that Disney has at least floated the idea of canceling the project altogether. This would certainly be a disappointment for Spidey fans that have wanted to see more of the web-slinger in the animated sphere, especially with the news that the show will bring much of his rogues gallery into the spotlight.


But Marvel producer Jeff Trammell took to Twitter to share an update on how Spider-Man: Freshman Year is progressing through its production schedule:



“Just realized that two years ago today, I pitched to Marvel Studios. I never thought I’d have such a cool opportunity and if that was the end of the story, I’d still look at it as a win.

“Luckily, that pitch led to me doing ‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year’ with an unbelievably hard-working and dedicated crew to make a show that I cannot wait for you all to see. To say I’m extremely proud of what we’ve done would be an understatement. I feel super lucky to have had this opportunity two years ago and could never have imagined where it would lead to.” 


Currently, Spider-Man: Freshman Year is set for a 2024 release on Disney+.



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