Sony’s ‘Venom 3’ Reportedly Begins Filming This Summer

Sony continues to build its live-action universe of Marvel Characters with the upcoming films Kraven the HunterMadam WebEl Muerto and the recently announced Hypno-Hustler. But they’re not forgetting where it all started as word is spreading that Venom 3 will begin production this summer.


The previous installments in the Tom Hardy led franchise have done pretty well, with 2018’s Venom making over $850 million globally and 2021’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage making $506 million worldwide as the pandemic was ending and without a release in China, which accounted for almost $270 million of the first films take. WE know that Hardy will be back and is created with the story for this film and Kelly Marcel, who wrote the last two films, will be back as the screenwriter as well as making her directorial debut.



Though no word on what the plot will be, the character of Patrick Mulligan was introduced as played by Stephen Graham. In the comics, Mulligan becomes the symbiote named Toxin, who becomes a hero for a while, aiding Spider-Man and the Avengers before eventually being killed by Blackheart. Will they pay off bringing that character in or will they go a different direction.


Maybe set up Knull for a big crossover movie. What do you think? Do you care?

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