So is the Netflix Version of Daredevil Officially Part of MCU or Not?


The answer to whether or not the Netflix Daredevil series is canon is still just as murky as it was last week, but yesterday it was different. An article from recently talked about how fans were using the Daredevil listing on to officially tie the series into the MCU.


It seems if you read the encyclopedia entry for Daredevil and read through the “On Screen Full Report” all they way to the bottom, you’d find an additional paragraph that talked about Matt Murdock’s (Charlie Cox) whereabouts during Spider-Man: No Way Home, where he helped defend a young Peter Parker (Tom Holland). Now, we don’t know if it was Doctor Strange’s spell or someone at Marvel Studios saying, “Not so fast,” but when you visit the site today, it ends with the ending of Daredevil season three, no mention of the events of No Way Home at all.


Which means that the answer to whether the series is canon continues to be a mystery. But you can watch the series on Disney+ now.

Christina Wiggins

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