Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Moon Man’ Reviving Chinese Box Office with $148M Opening

A heartwarming sci-fi comedy about a Chinese astronaut who believes he’s the last human alive has revived China’s box office in spectacular fashion, THR reports.


Moon Man, directed by Zhang Chiyu of the hit-making comedy troop Mahua FunAge, opened to $148 million over the weekend, including pre-sales, according to data from Artisan Gateway. Local ticketing app Maoyan projects the film to earn over $640 million (RMB 4.34 billion) before it leaves Chinese screens, which would make it the country’s sixth-biggest film of all time.



Like a more whimsical version of The MartianMoon Man stars Shen Teng (Goodbye Mr. Loser) as a Chinese astronaut on the moon who comes to believe he’s the last human in the universe after witnessing an asteroid collide with Earth. In truth, Earth’s many survivors, including his dream girl (Ma Li), are watching his every move via a live-stream.


The film has delighted both Chinese critics and mainstream moviegoers, earning social scores of 9.3 from Maoyan, 9.5 on Tao Piao Piao, and 7 from Douban’s movie buff users.


Moon Man earned $6.3 million in Imax theaters, marking the giant screen exhibitor’s best summer opening in China since before the pandemic.

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