Scream 5 Manages to Slash Its Way Through $100M Globally


Besides  Spider-Man: No Way Home, Scream was the only other film in the month of January that kept the box office from freezing over and, in its third weekend of release, this fifth installment of the famous slasher series crossed the $100 million mark worldwide, Collider reports.

After a very successful opening weekend which saw Scream make over $30 million, the horror sequel managed to make another $7.35 million in its third weekend which was only a 40% drop from its second weekend gross of 12.4 million. This brings its domestic total up to $62.13 million. On top of that, it also made $6.5 million internationally this weekend bringing its foreign box office up to $44.1 million. Add both totals together, and you cross the $100 million mark at roughly $106 million.

The fifth Scream movie has passed Scream 4’s entire worldwide box office run which made only $97 million. The $62 million is already way past the fourth film’s domestic total of $38 million, almost doubling it, and it is also supported by the fact that the new Scream’s reported budget was almost $20 million less than Scream 4’s $40 million budget at $24 million. This more than likely means a sixth Scream film is on the way. Hopefully it will improve upon this sequel.

Scream 5 is playing in theaters now.

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