Scott Bakula Discusses Potential ‘Quantum Leap’ Reboot


With the recent announcement that NCIS: New Orleans will be ending after this season, talk about what’s next for star Scott Bakula has of course ran to some of his previous popular characters. Rumors of him returning as Captain Jonathan Archer on one of the Star Trek series going on has been whispered about, but the show that always gets a lot of attention is Quantum Leap. In an interview with TVLine, Bakula said that there have been discussions over the years about a reboot or return to the time-traveling, body-swapping series.

“That show is very special to me, obviously, so I would wish whoever did it luck. I mean, the idea of walking in another man or woman’s shoes is so relevant and so important right now. We’ve become so divided in our world that the ability to cross that line of politics and just deal with the humanity and the individual person who’s sharing a moment on the planet with you is really relevant.”

And while various pitch ideas have been made including the idea of the series carrying on with a child of Dr. Sam Beckett or something like that, Bakula likes to think of it this way: “We all know that Sam’s still out there, and I always tell people that should be comforting — that he’s still out there fixing things that once went wrong.”


Christina Wiggins

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