Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Free Guy’ Wins Big at Weekend Box Office


After grossing $28.4 million over the weekend, Free Guy emerged victorious. The newest film from Disney and 20th Century Fox upset early box office expectations to grab the top place. Overseas, Free Guy made $22.5 million, bringing the total to $51 million. The film, starring Ryan Reynolds, will be released solely in cinemas, bypassing the simultaneous streaming approach that Warner Bros. and Disney have been experimenting with over the last several months. Furthermore, Free Guy is a box office rarity these days because it is built on a unique concept and does not belong to any prior cinematic universes.


Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios


Viewers and reviewers alike have been enthusiastic about Free Guy. The film received a “A” from CinemaScore, and owing to its PG-13 rating, it appeals to a larger audience than Warner Bros.’ R-rated The Suicide Squad, although an R-Rating never hurt Reynolds’ Deadpool films at the box office. However, the epidemic is still present, resulting what’s being reported as a significant drop in cinema ticket sales. The future of the box office is unknown at this time, but more and more individuals are reconsidering their visits to places where big groups of people congregate. 


Here’s the weekend box office rankings. You can check out the rest of the box office data over at The Numbers.


August 2nd Weekend Box Office

  • 1. Free Guy – $28.4 Million
  • 2. Don’t Breathe 2 – $10.6 Million
  • 3. Jungle Cruise – $9 Million
  • 4. Respect – $8.8 Million
  • 5. The Suicide Squad – $7.5 Million
  • 6. Old – $2.4 Million
  • 7. Black Widow – $2 Million
  • 8. Stillwater – $1.3 Million
  • 9. The Green Knight – $1.1 Million
  • 10. Space Jam: A New Legacy – $1.1 Million


If you’re wondering what Disney thinks, look no further than Ryan’s Twitter account.

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