Ruining Females in Comic Films | The X-WOmen & Technicolor WW

Leading up to last week’s release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, we were treated to a few scenes released from the movie to promote the film. One of these scenes was Jennifer Lawrence, as Mystique, throwing a hissy fit, and being rather rude towards Professor Xavier, telling him that the “X-Men” team name should be changed to the “X-Women”. 


Soon after that, the mainstream press begins reporting that Marvel Studios producer Victoria Alonso says that the X-Men name is “outdated“… Excuse me what? If that’s true, then why aren’t the terms “female” or “woman” considered outdated also? What gives here?


In my video below, I rant about these issue within FOX Studios’ X-Men franchise, the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie, and what I think we can start to expect from Wonder Woman 84!


QUIT Ruining FEMALES in Comic Movies! | X-Men or X-WOmen? | Wonder Woman 84 Rainbow Nastiness

Tristen Just

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