Rian Johnson Says He Has More Fun Making TV Shows than Films


When Glass Onion, the latest installment in his Knives Out murder mystery series, premiered on both the big screen and Netflix, it was praised by critics and audiences alike. Johnson has already announced plans for a third film in the series. As at ease as he appears to be working on the various films bearing his name as a writer-director in recent years, such as the widely panned Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Looper, Johnson says he’s never been happier than working on his first TV show as a creator.


Poker Face, a 10-episode detective series starring Natasha Lynne, will premiere on Peacock on January 26 with a four-episode drop. Johnson has previously directed an episode of Breaking Bad (“Ozymandias” from Season 5), but this is his first time directing an original series while also working collaboratively in a writer’s room. And he says he’s enjoying it.



In a report from IndieWire, Johnson said the following at a recent press conference for NBC Universal’s Television Critics Association:


“I honestly had a blast! […] Writing in terms of my own features where I just sit in a room and eat horribly and feel constantly stressed that I’m way behind on my deadline— this is much more fun being in a room with a group of people. It also never felt less-personal, I still felt like I was driving the stories and really shaping them… I really loved it.”


Johnson says that while he enjoys making films — including future entries into his multi-picture Knives Out contract with Netflix — he really enjoys the pace and collaborative spirit of working on a television series, which is a “a completely different process,” where a single one-hour episode comes together in about three weeks, compared to any one of his films which can hang in the balance for years.


“I loved that in each episode we’re in a different environment, it’s a whole new cast— it’s like making 10 mini movies. I literally dove into it like it was one of my movies. I really jumped completely into the deep end of the pool.”



Knives Out 3 is currently in the early stages of production. Could this enthusiasm he has for TV mean we can finally put to rest any more rumors about a Rian Johnson helmed Star Wars trilogy? Maybe, but don’t count out the possibility he gets to direct some Disney+ Star Wars content very soon…

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