Captain Marvel Reviews Are Up, But They Aren’t What I Expected

Today we started seeing the Captain Marvel movie reviews, from the top critics this time, not just the ‘Uber invited’ ones who saw early screenings and posted their feelings on Twitter. The first batch of reviews that came in were extremely positive, focusing on aspects like the nostalgia, the music, Goose the cat, but nothing was said much about lead-actress Brie Larson herself. That’s beginning to change. 

Since the film premiered, and more press reviews are trickling in, we’re getting a far better look at what we can expect when the movie releases widely later this week. And it appears that we can expect is about what we expected all along. A lot of the reviews seem to be generally ‘meh’ or outright negative, focusing on the narrative lacking in the first half of the movie, weak scripting, lack of chemistry, etc. This installment is not living up to what we have come to expect from the MCU.

In my video below I go over many of these reviews, including an article dedicated to what they thought of the movie. Now I don’t always agree with critics, and you should judge a movie for yourself, but this looks like it may have been a mis-step for Marvel Studios.

Tristen Just

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