Review: ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Episode 7 – The Deleted Scenes


Here we go folks. Just one more episode to go of this money-burning-pyre of a show! The feelings of joy just well up… but like Cobra Commander, I may be prematurely celebrating victory in a fit of maniacal laughter. I have to get through this review first, and boy I’ll tell you, this show is really sucking the joy out of me. You know how most competently executed mystery shows have this flashback moment where all the pieces come together brining clarity? Not in Star Wars: The Acolyte. It merely leaves the viewer with more questions than answers, and not the good ‘oh, I can’t wait to find out more’ kind.



With all that said, let us proceed with Disney Star Wars’ The Acolyte, episode 7: Choice. Spoilers ahead.


Just like the title of this article, the entire 37 and a half minute episode can be summed up as “the deleted scenes.” We get to find out the series of events that led up to Mae and OSHA’s home going up in smoke. Unfortunately, everything that preceded has left me little reason to care for these details. A lot of them were predictable, and others just make the whole series even worse. As we expected, the Jedi covered up their involvement in this whole sordid affair. They were not originally there looking for children to take, but investigating why a once dead world had suddenly flourished with life. They’d stumbled upon the coven merely by happenstance. We learn that the witches did it somehow using a ‘vergence of the Force’. I mean, that’s a big freaking deal. If they’re that powerful to manipulate the force, oops, I meant the Thread, to repopulate an entire planet with life how did they get beat by a B-team of Jedi Knights again? As we know, things did not go their way. But we do find out that Jedi can scale a literal mountain in less than 5 minutes, and that was without employed and Force jumps. Ugh.



Here’s where we get a glimpse of the motivations of the Jedi in this show. It would really have helped if they had incorporated any of this much earlier instead of saving it for the 7th episode of an 8 episode show. Sol is looking for his own padawan to teach, and it’s his fixation on this that causes him to focus on OSHA. It turns out that Torbin’s lack of patience and impulsive behavior was the catalyst for the entire disaster. He just wanted to go home because he thought this was a waste of time and that if they got the twins, they could go home faster. Not really a good reason to do yourself in if you ask me, since we see clearly he didn’t initiate hostilities and literally didn’t kill anyone. Master Indara is just there to follow the council’s mandate. And what’s Kelnacca’s motivation you ask? No idea. He’s just a Wookie doing Wookie Jedi things.  



It’s revealed that Mae and OSHA’s mother was killed by Sol when the mother tried to de-escalate a verbal fight with evil looking ash/mist magic. Sol is shocked by this and stabs her with his lightsaber mid-transformation. Frankly, I don’t blame him. We did finally get that Wookie fight that some fans were hoping for, I guess? Kelnacca gets possessed by the twin’s Zabrak other mother and attacks the other Jedi and handily beats both Sol and Torbin. He comes back to his senses as master Indara overpowers the possession somehow with the Force, killing ALL the other witches who were empowering the possession with their weirdness. I guess they died when the link was severed? It was pretty dumb. Is Kelnacca still possessed? Probably. Oh, but that doesn’t matter since he died in episode 5. Would it have been interesting to have one of the mothers secretly watching OSHA? Probably, but this show wasted another opportunity. 



There was really no change in the motivations of the twins. We still see OSHA being the good one. Mae, however was more psycho by destroying the controls of the gate so that no one could leave or enter before the Jedi arrived. Mae’s fire also did cause the compound’s generator to go supernova somehow. We do see that Sol tried to save both twins, but apparently only had enough Force strength to save one, and of course he chose OSHA. If you really don’t have enough Force power, I guess he made the right call. Déjà vu. I’ve just been in this place before.



And this show tried to have it’s ‘Aha’ moment but just fails at even doing that. This whole episode was episode 3, but with more fluff. Episode 7 should have been combined with episode 3 with better editing and that should have been the pilot episode. A lot of things would have made more sense and had a better flow. But no, Leslye Headland had to have her “Kill Bill” moment with Mae doing this dumb revenge act. Now that we’re so far in I can see where she’s trying very hard to ape her betters. I couldn’t see it before because this thing has just been such a mess. Leslye is no Quentin Tarantino.  


Oh, and don’t sit through the credits.



One more episode to go and this will all be over. Oh, sweet release. 




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