Retro Reviews With Robert & Ingrid: Collateral (2004)

Ingrid and I are back for our first movie review in a long while. Nothing new though, instead we’re going to watch what has become one of my favorite movies, Collateral! This is Ingrid’s first time watching it, and I think you’ll enjoy her reaction even if you haven’t seen the film.



This movie was directed by Michael Mann and he brings his amazingly meticulous attention to details that most of his work has and it is amazing here. The acting is incredible as are the action sequences. Tom Cruise pulls off some incredible stunts, Jamie Foxx shows some incredible acting, and Smith and Mark Ruffalo handle their roles very well too.



Jamie Foxx plays Max, a simple taxi driver with big dreams who just lives his life on Autopilot. After meeting a lawyer he’s fallen hard for (Annie played by Jada Pinkett Smith) he then picks up a mysterious man, Vincent (Tom Cruise) who pays Max to drive him around to various locations. Max agrees and soon regrets that decision. You see, Vincent is actually a hit-man being sent to take out various people! What will happen over the course of this one night in LA? 


So come and see what Ingrid and I have to say about this movie.



Robert Willing

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