Reinventing James Bond: Craig’s Last Film May Be the End of Classic 007


According to reporting by Deadline, James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli still hasn’t figured out what they’re going to do with James Bond, revealing that it will be “at least two years“ before the next 007 movie begins filming and they haven’t even begun looking for an actor to replace Daniel Craig because they are working on “a reinvention of Bond.”


“Nobody’s in the running,” she disclosed. “We’re working out where to go with him, we’re talking that through. There isn’t a script and we can’t come up with one until we decide how we’re going to approach the next film because, really, it’s a reinvention of Bond. We’re reinventing who he is and that takes time. I’d say that filming is at least two years away.”


Film reviewer Christian Toto wonders if Broccoli is suggesting an end of an era with her admission.


Bond retained his license to kill and machismo no matter who donned his signature tuxedo. Lazenby. Moore. Dalton. Brosnan. Craig.

Each brought something fresh to the character without reinventing him. Sure, the gadget-heavy ’70s gave way to Craig’s throwback masculinity.

Bond, for the most part, remained Bond.

That held true even with “No Time to Die,” the most recent 007 outing. The press, and various performers tied to the film, suggested a new, woke Bond. The film itself, while an entertainment romp crushed by a tepid third act, clung to the franchise’s basics.



Toto also thinks this could mean we’re looking at a new Bond far removed from what has come before, whether that’s a female superspy, a transgender iteration, or simply a “kinder, gentler Bond.:


It’s hard to read her comments in any other fashion […] And, if recent events are any indication, taking 007 in a woke direction will mean shrinking audiences, and box office results. “No Time to Die” under-performed at the U.S. box office, and it was woke in marketing only.

What happens when Bond starts fighting for gender equality, not saving the globe? Longtime fans will look elsewhere for their thrills.



As for making 007 a woman, producer Barbara Broccoli said during No Time to Die press that “James Bond is a male character,” and Daniel Craig said James Bond shouldn’t be played by a woman – because there’s a need for strong female roles away from the long shadow of an iconic male character.


“The answer to that is very simple,” he said in an interview, “there should simply be better parts for women and actors of color. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a part just as good as James Bond, but for a woman?”


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