Regarding MCU Phase 5: Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts & Nova Films


Marvel Studios has hinted at a Nova movie for some time, but new reports are saying that production on a movie featuring the last surviving member of Xandar will start production in 2023. The report from Geeks Worldwide also claims that other projects starting in 2023 include the Fantastic Four, a sequel to Shang-Chi, a Disney+ series saring Okoye (Danai Gurira) and a film adaptation of the Thunderbolts. Now the site isn’t that well known so take all of this with a big grain of salt.


We’ll probably hear more and more about the next phase with their upcoming Eternals currently hovering around the “Rotten” ranks at No one wants to talk about failure.


Luckily a Disney shill was able to jump in with a positive review to bump it back to 60%


Nova is a character that James Gunn had wanted to work into Guardians a few times and Kevin Feige has talked about him as well and with Thanos’ destruction of Xandar, it is set up for the story to happen. The Fantastic Four has already been on the schedule and there had been talk of a spin-off series coming out of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. And while there has been no specific talk about Thunderbolts, it’s hard to ignore the introduction of Countessa Valentina De Fontaine (Julia Louise Dryfus) and her collecting character like U.S. Agent and the new Black Widow.


And it’s pretty safe to say a sequel to Shang-Chi has to be in the works after the film’s mediocre run at the box office… so take this report as rumor for now, but none of it is surprising or seems like a stretch.

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