Red / Yellow: Our Best Look Yet at Daredevil’s Disney+ Costume

The official twitter account for She-Hulk posted a clever montage that contained series of images that when you just look at the post, makes up the logo for the series. But when you click on each part of the logo, it shows additional part of the images that include Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, Tim Roth as Abomination, Benedict Wong and Wong and finally Charlie Cox as Daredevil.



While all the other images were things we’ve seen in the trailer, the image of Daredevil is the best close up we’ve seen of the character in his new yellow and red outfit. The image, seen slightly enlarged below, shows that while a different color, it doesn’t look too different from his Netflix outfit but word is that by the time he shows up in Echo and his own series, he’ll have new threads, so this might be them just using the existing costume for this series.



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