‘Predator 5’ Reports Highlight Hollywood’s Lack of Original Ideas

Just what we needed: another “Predator” movie. Not.


Let’s face it — every follow-up since the (awesome) 1987 original has sucked a little bit more. The immediate 1990 sequel starring Danny Glover wasn’t awful, but we certainly didn’t need it. Predators and The Predator were simply atrocious, much more-so the latter. The Aliens vs. Predator films also were completely unnecessary; had the first installment followed the original Dark Horse graphic novel (below) it could have been spectacular. But no — the script had to call for the stupid premise that the Predators had been using Earth as an Alien hunting ground for millennia, and as such are connected to past human civilizations’ construction of pyramids.



Aliens vs. Predator Volume 1: Stradley, Randy, Norwood, Phill, Stradley,  Randy, Norwood, Phil: 9781569711255: Amazon.com: Books


Now word has come forth that the fifth(!) Predator installment will make use of its rival franchise’s heroic premise — that of a fearless female taking on the fearsome alien creature. From AvP Galaxy:

“Currently known by the title ‘Skulls,’ this new Predator film will reportedly center around a young native American Comanche woman named Kee who lived hundreds of years ago and proves herself a warrior when she encounters an intergalactic hunter – a Predator!”


Twenty-four year-old Amber Midthunder of “Legion” and “Roswell” fame (below) will have the starring role.


 Amber Midthunder will reportedly play the Lead Role in "Skulls"


Even excluding the AvP films we know the Predators have been hunting on Earth for centuries. Recall the ending of Predator 2 when a grizzled old Pred tosses Danny Glover a pistol — with an engraving noting the year 1715 on it. But the question is, how will Predator 5 be any different from the other installments? How will be Midthunder be a different female hero from Alien’s Ellen Ripley? Or Predators’ Alice Braga? Or AvP’s Sanaa Lathan?


And does anyone wanna bet writer Patrick Aison and director Dan Trachtenberg will try to be cute and make Kee a descendant of the original film’s Billy?




Predator 5/Skulls begins filming early next month.

Dave Huber

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