Power Rangers Season 28 Revealed: Dino Fury Premieres in 2021



Hasbro’s long-running Power Rangers series has unveiled its 28th season, Power Rangers: Dino Fury.

The series began back in 1993 with the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and has jumped to many other ranger teams as it adapts the Japanese Super Sentai series. This announcement follows the conclusion of the Beast Morphers saga which ran for two seasons and makes good on a rumor from back in January that hinted at the new season being dinosaur-based.

In addition to television, the Power Rangers series has expanded into other mediums including a live-action movie back in 2017 that teased the arrival of the green ranger. Despite mixed reviews and a modest box office haul, a new live-action movie is in the works from Hasbro but it likely won’t be connected to the 2017 version.

The series has even crossed over into Animal Crossing: New Horizons where players can use codes to dress their characters and island s up like the rangers of old.


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