Place Your Wager: Top 5 Films About Sports Betting

Sports wagering flicks will always catch the focus of those of us that like wagering on sports at bookmaker Betwinner. These movies actually depict the added adrenaline that is offered by making a wager on a game. Today, with the help of some wagering professionals Parimatch bonus offer, we’re going to run down the Top 5 gambling movies that you shouldn’t miss. 



Casino Official Trailer #1 - (1995) HD


Casino (1995 )


Martin Scorsese is not new into diving deep right into the edges of American society. Besides, he directed classics like Mean Streets, Goodfellas, The Gangs of New York and The Color of Money.


His classic Casino is based upon truth story of Frank ‘Ace’ Rothstein which is played in the flick by Robert De Niro. The film is an impressive examination of organised criminal activity in Las Vegas gambling enterprises in the 1970s. Ace is one of the very best oddsmakers of his era. Not only demonstrating exceptional proficiency, but organisational capability as well. For this reason, the crime households in Chicago chose to place him in charge of one of their most upscale casinos in Las Vegas. He demonstrated wonderful skills in generating profit and in taking care of all the betting procedures.


The real Ace Rothstein had a true fascination with sports betting and he developed himself as the initial lawful sportsbookie in America.  Casino definitely isn’t a light film as Scorsese is investigating the various characters very carefully. In the film, sports wagering is viewed as something done by culture’s deviants. This is definitely as opposed to the legitimate modern world of sportsbooks today where chances are also presented on trustworthy networks like the BBC or the CNN.


By the end of the flick, Ace claims that the big companies are taking over both in Las Vegas and in sporting activities betting as a whole. This turns out to be the correct view with the criminal elements of gambling nowadays being a distant memory in the highly controlled wagering markets like the UK.


I think this flick has actually largely benefited the industry as it has revealed the progression that have been made in the last 40 years. Today’s global gaming is a lot less terrible compared than the one depicted in Casino and is a lot more profitable because it’s more reputable.



The Color Of Money - Trailer - HQ


The Color of Money (1986 )


This is a different form of ‘sportsbetting’ compared to the 1980’s. Nowadays if we claim ‘sharps’, we consider those positioning countless various wagers with a formula from the safety and security of their computer systems. But back in the 1980s, people generally saw sporting activities punters as shabby personalities that were wandering from pool hall to pool hall smoking too many cigarettes.


In the Color of Money, the expert players aren’t simply betting for profits. They’re interested in satisfaction, morality as well as identification as long as they are for cash. Tom Cruise and Paul Newman were at the top of their games here, and in the film, we got a fascinating portrayal of the psychology of the bettors which is made more dazzling by the wonderful analysis of celebrities like Newman and also Cruise. Seeing The Color of Money is certainly worth your time.



Eight Men Out Official Trailer #1 - Christopher Lloyd Movie (1988) HD


Eight Men Out (1988 )


Eight Men Out tells the story of one of the most renowned disputes in sports history, the 1919 World Series. In the film, the lead characters are 8 Chicago White Sox players who obtained lifetime restrictions from the MLB as they conspired with an illicit betting ring. Even though the team was were greatly favored to win that year, the Chicago White Sox lost the series.


The most interesting component is that Eight Men Out doesn’t condemn the excessive lifestyle of the players, however it focuses more on the bad behavior of the Chicago White Sox owner Charles Comiskey. He did treat his players really severely, but did indulge them when they won the pennant in 1917.


The film also depicts them as victims of the circumstances. The movie is everything about the value of honesty in the connection between sports and sports betting. In the film we can see plainly that if bookmakers are made responsible for their activities, they can incorrectly affect showing off occasions. By looking at Eight Men Out we can plainly see how much progress has actually been made in 100 years in just how the matter is handled.



LAY THE FAVORITE - Official Trailer


Lay the Favorite (2012 )


The motion picture is based upon Beth Raymer’s true story. The movie is focused on the thrill-seeking facet of professional gamblers. Beth has a great ability for sporting activities wagering. She meets Dirk, that is played by Bruce Willis. He discovers her talent and provides her an area at his sports wagering business. Beth takes to it right away. She’s a smart cookie, and the real life Beth Raymer got an MFA from Columbia University as well as has actually devoting her life to examine legal offshore gaming business as well as sportsbooking.


The movie has gone a long way in resolving the adverse stereotypes around sportsbetting.


In fact, I would argue that the job done by Raymer has actually gone a long way to eliminate the suggestion that sporting activities wagerers are simply low-life gamblers. It has instead advertised the sight that they are just people looking for a life packed with countless possibilities. It’s a fun film, but wasn’t really a hit with critics. I think it’s worth a watch.



Two For The Money (2005) Official Trailer - Matthew McConaughey, Al Pacino Movie HD


Two for the Money (2005 )


In my last focus on films that look at sports betting, I wanted to mention Two for the Money. It’s a semi-true story of a former college football star who turns out to be a skilled sports handicapper named Brandon Land. He has a fantastic skill of always selecting the victors. Instead of betting themselves, these guys start marketing their handicapping services to sports gamblers.


The flick is focused on business of sportsbetting, as well as it is starring the similarity Al Pacino as well as Matthew McConaughey.


In a similar way to everyone else additionally specialist sporting activities wagerers experience highs and lows as well as need to go through challenging moments to be successful.


Sports betting can be nerve-wracking, unpredictable and downright stressful, but not so much when you’re munching popcorn watching someone else go through it. Check out or rewatch one of these films this weekend! And if you’re ever looking for betting sites in Zambia, we have that too.

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