Peter Jackson Rejected Disney’s Request to Cut Cursing from Beatles Documentary


Disney takes a very strict stance on nudity and foul language on its Disney+ streaming platform, arguably too much in many circumstances, with social media catching up on the pixelation of cleavage and bare bottoms in certain episodes and movies. But, when it came to censoring the profanity in his new documentary, The Beatles: Get Back, Peter Jackson refused to comply with Disney’s request to delete any foul language at the request of the band’s remaining members and George Harrison’s family.


Jackson has spent a significant amount of time restoring footage from a pivotal point in the pop group’s history, and in order to create an accurate and detailed documentary of the events depicted in the three part event series, it seems only right that it be shown as it happened, as the director revealed in an interview with NME.


“Disney wanted to remove all the swearing. And Ringo [Starr], Paul [McCartney] and [George Harrison’s widow] Olivia said: ‘That’s how we spoke. That’s how we talked. That’s how we want the world to see us.’ The truthfulness of it is important to them. They don’t want a whitewash. They don’t want it to be sanitized.”



When Jackson presented the series to the band members, he was pleasantly pleased that the only advice they had was to keep the cursing in. Sir Paul McCartney, according to Jackson, praised the completed documentary as being appropriately raw and realistic. 


“When they got to see the finished thing, I was expecting notes. It would’ve just been normal to get a note saying: ‘Oh, that bit where I say that — could you cut that out?’ Or, ‘Could you shorten the conversation there?’ And I didn’t get a single note. Not one request to do anything. One of them said that they watched it and found it one of the most stressful experiences of their entire life, [then said] ‘but I’m not gonna give you any notes.’”


Disney made a big deal about launching their Disney+ platform as a “family friendly” concern just over two years ago, with their main content under the Disney banner being devoid of swearing, nudity, sex, and anything overtly violent, though they have made the odd exception when it comes to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe output and also the arrival of Hamilton on the platform, with both containing some moderate swearing, which most people would expect.




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