Pedro Pascal on Max Lord, Trump, and Another Gig He Had With Wonder Woman

Between Wonder Woman 1984 and The Mandalorian, just about everyone has heard the name Pedro Pascal, but many people don’t know that this isn’t the first time the actor has worked across from the Amazonian hero. Before becoming Maxwell Lord, Pascal played police detective Ed Indelicato opposite of Adrianne Palicki in the ill-fated David E. Kelly Wonder Woman TV pilot.

Pascal told Variety: “It was like a dream come true. David E. Kelley’s influence on television when I was freshly out of college was so huge, and I watched every episode of [Palicki’]s Friday Night Lights. I also thought that whether it was good or not, it would definitely get picked up. So that would change my financial situation significantly, even if it was half a season before it got canceled. But it didn’t even get picked up.”




When watching Wonder Woman 1984, It would be difficult not to see parallels between Maxwell Lord and Donald Trump. At one point in the film Lord refers to himself as a TV personality and he eventually takes over the power of the presidency. So was this comparison planned?

Gal Gadot told Variety: “It’s interesting because when we shot it, we didn’t really think about it until we got to the White House. And then we’re like, “Hmm.” Maxwell Lord has so many different versions in the comic books. And I think that Patty and Dave [Callaham] and Geoff [Johns] — the writers — really took Gordon Gekko’s personality. The thing about Maxwell Lord in our movie, unlike the comics, is that he’s more complex because he’s not just an evil villain. He is a regular person who wants to be all these things that you would see on TV. I know from Pedro while we were shooting the movie, that at a certain point, he just focused on the page and what was there. And along with Patty, they just created this character. But we never tried to mimic anybody else. We never tried to mimic Trump or anything.”


In the comics, Lord has had a very interesting history starting off his debut in Justice League #1 (May 1987) when the tone created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire was much lighter and humorous, but he would also take a much darker turn when he would go on to kill the beloved Blue Beetle and eventually get his neck snapped by Wonder Woman as part of the Infinite Crisis storyline. So they had a lot of material and range to choose from for the character.

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