‘Pantheon’ Canceled at AMC Despite 2nd Season Ready to Go



AMC Networks will not be continuing its animated science-fiction series “Pantheon,” even though a second season has already been produced. The decision regarding “Pantheon” was made months ago, declared in a list of programming write-offs in early December of last year. The embattled network’s cost-cutting measures include $400 million for “strategic programming assessments” and $75 million for “organizing restructuring costs,” per an SEC filing.


Pantheon Season 1 Trailer


The animated series, which starred the voices of Daniel Dae Kim, Paul Dano, Taylor Schilling and the late William Hurt, joins a growing list of programming cutbacks at the network. Earlier this week, Variety reported that the second season of the Courtney B. Vance series “61st Street” would be scrapped, despite production on four episodes having already been completed. “Invitation to a Bonfire,” an adaptation of Adrienne Celt’s book of the same name that received a series order in Feb. 2022, and the sci-fi comedy ‘Demascus’ also hit the chopping block.


Based on a series of short stories by Ken Liu, “Pantheon” was greenlit with a two-season deal in March 2020, becoming the first animated series ordered by AMC. The first season launched in September 2022. There remains a possibility that the series could be licensed or sold to another platform.

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