Nintendo Buys Animation Studio in Preparation for Chris Pratt as Mario


Video game giant Nintendo (who probably still make trading cards today the say way they originally began in the late 19th century) has taken ownership of a CG animation studio, according to Digital Trends:


Nintendo has announced that is acquiring the CG production company Dynamo Pictures and is renaming it Nintendo Pictures. […]

Nintendo is currently working on a Mario animated movie starring Chris Pratt with Illumination, and it is set to release on April 7, 2023 in North America and April 28 in Japan. Nintendo pictures will likely be involved with future films that Nintendo plays a part in making as well as other GC content that Nintendo needs.


To my knowledge, Nintendo’s far from a PC business, so maybe this could make a great venture and expansion of their projects. And I’d rather see a cartoon based on Mario than the live action movie made in 1993, which fared very poorly. There’s just so many sci-fi stories that would work far better in animation than live action.


Looking forward to this.



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