Nickelodeon Drag Queen Explains Colors of LGBTQ+ Flag


Nickelodeon is promoting Pride Month to kids with a new video that features drag queen Nina West singing about the importance of all the colors on the “pride flag.” Nickelodeon’s promotion of transgenderism to youngsters does not end with the “pride month” video. Blue’s Clues & You released a singalong video with Nina West the week before, in which cartoon animals from various “gay” demographics take part in a pride parade. Sasha A. Cohen, who will appear in Nickelodeon’s Danger Force, will be the first openly transgender teen performer in a live-action show.


The song asks:


“doesn’t it just fill you with pride, showing who you are on the inside? With a pride flag up high, be true to you, Purple means spirit, believing you have the power and strength within yourself to do whatever you dream.”


The drag queen then points out the colors that he says are meant to represent transgender individuals, as well as specific skin colors.


“Baby, blue, pink, and white represent transgender people, because every letter in LGBTQ+ is equal, and black and brown represent the queer and trans people of color, we’re all in this together, so wave that pride flag way up high. Go big! Be kind! Be you! Never have to hide yourself away, there’s a place for you.

Every color on the pride flag is a symbol in the sky. And I’m proud to be me every time that I see that pride flag waving high! ”


Are ready for this cringe? Will your kids enjoy this? This isn’t a clip from John Waters’ film. It’s a clip from Nickelodeon.


The Meaning of Pride ft. Drag Queen Nina West 🏳️‍🌈 (Pride Song)


Breitbart reports that this hard left move of pushing LGBTQ+ propaganda to kids is causing the kids network ratings to crater.


The good news is that this push has resulted in a catastrophic ratings collapse for these corporate wokesters…

What had regularly been a top-rated cable network pre-grooming can now barely attract a third of its audience from 2017.

In July of 2017, Nickelodeon was averaging around 1.2 million viewers per week. Since February of this year, the channel has not been able to push its average viewership over 400,000. Last month, the numbers crashed as low as just 328,000.

Just last week, during primetime, Nickelodeon’s average primetime viewership was just 395,000. Its total day average was just 372,000.

Basically, what that means is that about 1/10th of one percent of the population is tuning in to this garbage.

It’s simply beyond my comprehension what it must be like for parents of young children to try and navigate increasingly aggressive cultural institutions attempting to groom their kids with this kind of adult sexuality. The monsters at Disney are doing the same, so are the public schools, and then there’s the Internet.

But this is what leftists love most, corrupting your children, hoping it will confuse and twist them into something they can exploit.


Maybe Nickelodeon is going after the drag queen demo now?

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