Newest CW Promo Art Gets Rid of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman Image

Ruby Rose has left Batwoman, and a new iteration of The CW’s 2021 schedule graphic is available online now, and it removes the face of former Batwoman star Ruby Rose. It’s obvious at first glance, since The CW’s schedule imagery uses close-up images of their main characters, and when the 2021 schedule was originally announced back on May 14, the image included Rose’s Batwoman at the top right. Sometime between then and now, the character’s image was removed and replaced with the Bat-signal. No other changes have been made to the schedule, which also includes images of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), The Flash (Grant Gustin), and more.


The CW’s digital upfront presentation, where the schedule for next year was officially announced, happened before the Batwoman season finale. Following the finale, Rose and Warner Bros. TV mutually announced that they have parted ways ahead of the series’ second season. 


Check out a comparison below:



Where did  Ruby go???




Courtesy of ComicBook

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