Netlfix Drops a Behind the Scenes Look at ‘The Sandman’


Netflix has released a behind-the-scenes look at its upcoming television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s DC Comics series The Sandman.

The video sees Gaiman himself going onto the production looking at some of the key props and sets in the show. Those include the prison where Morpheus is captured and Deram’s tools — his helm, his pouch of sand, and the Dreamstone.


The Sandman | Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek | Netflix


Gaiman was able to see his dream come to life at Shepperton Studios in England, where Netflix set up a permanent production base in 2019. The video also includes commentary from Tom Sturridge, along with interviews with other cast members such as Gwendoline Christie, who will be portraying a gender-swapped version of fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar.


via ComicBook

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