Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’ Characters Worship Satan; Mock Christians


Netflix recently premiered its series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s based on the current Archie Comics ongoing title and it’s created a lot of buzz. However, this series has nothing to do with the light-hearted 90’s comedy Sabrina the Teenage Witch, that starred Melissa Joan Hart.

No, this reboot is based on a comic book series published by Archie Comics, and developed by writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. And unlike the old comedy, this new series delves into terror, cannibalism, black magic, and the demonic.

The script reveals that this new Sabrina and her aunts worship Satan, or as they call him in the series, “The Dark Lord.” The show includes phrases including, “Praise be Satan,” or “For love of Lucifer”, mocking Christian expressions.

In Chapter One, one of Sabrina’s aunts says that serving the Dark Lord is their “sacred duty and honor.” They also mock Catholicism, as one of the aunts tells Sabrina, referring to her parents’ death, “Your Father was giving a lecture at the Vatican when his plane went down.” Sabrina’s father was a Satanic priest. When speaking to a male earthly representative of Satan, her aunt mocks Jesus’ death on the Cross, saying, “Forgive her, Father, she knows not what she says.”

Chapter Two depicts Sabrina’s satanic, or “dark” baptism, during which the characters invoke Satan as a god. The satanic priest says in the first few minutes of the episode, “The witch’s dark baptism is our most holy and sacred sacrament,” and explaining that there are “13 Commandments of the Dark Lord.”

During this conversation, the Satanic priest asks her to sign her name in the Book of the Beast, pledging her loyalty to Satan. Sabrina responds, “If I sign my name in the Book of the Beast, does that mean I’m giving the Dark Lord dominion over my soul?” The priest explains it away as as “a symbolic gesture.”

She later says, “I am not an evil person…” He laughs, saying “Neither am I. Neither are your aunts.”

Sabrina responds, “But the devil is the embodiment of evil.”

The priest says, “Incorrect! He is the embodiment of free will!”

The priest also explains to Sabrina that her father was “granted a special dispensation” from Satan to marry her mortal mother, because witches are not permitted to marry mortals, nor do they suffer the fires of eternal damnation.

Chapter Eight indicates that Satan, unlike God, accepts our weaknesses and shortcomings without judging us.

In the Chapter 10 season finale, the high priest representing Satan on earth, calls a newborn baby his “only begotten son.” In the season finale woman reveals herself as the “Mother of Demons,” or “Madam Satan,” in honor of “The Dark Lord.” This woman was one of the central characters throughout the series guiding Sabrina along the path of darkness.

Sabrina ultimately signs her soul away to Satan in the finale.


Sheesh! Is this what the Archie Comics are about nowadays? You might be surprised to learn that Archie Comics have danced with the devil for decades in their comics, from portraying demonic possession to discussions of heaven and hell and even proselytizing in the 70’s. Now they’ve trended towards demonic horror comics, which have been a mixed bag from well done to unsettling. What’s Archie Comics’ fascination with the demonic occult?

And does anyone else find it odd that Netflix will ban hugs and limit eye contact among their staff because they’re so freaked out by the idea of interaction between people, but will strive to ensure that all the dark arts and witchcraft featured in their shows are performed with realism and accuracy. The priorities of these weirdos is astonishing…

Meghan Murphy

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