Netflix Shares First Footage of their ‘Sonic Prime’ Animated Show


Netflix has finally given eager fans a first taste of its upcoming Sonic Prime TV series. Back in February 2021, Netflix revealed that it was working on a new animated series associated with Sega’s popular character Sonic the Hedgehog, although details on the project since that time have been sparse. And while there’s still not a whole lot that we know about Sonic Prime overall, we now have been given a first glimpse at the show’s titular character.


Revealed as part of a new video that highlighted a number of animated projects coming to Netflix, reports that the streaming platform showed off the first footage from Sonic Prime. The footage in question solely focused on Sonic himself and gave us a brief taste of the animation style that the series will be going for. After sprinting through what looks to be the iconic Green Hill Zone locale from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, Sonic is then shown picking up a ring and talking to the camera before quickly dashing off. Netflix didn’t give a release date for Sonic Prime when showing off this footage, but it seems like we could learn more on that front soon.


You can get a look at this glimpse of Sonic Prime in the video below, but you’ll have to wait all the way to the end.


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