Netflix & Legendary Developing a Kong ‘Skull Island’ Anime Series

With fans waiting to see the massive brawl that is about to take place between Godzilla, the current king of the monsters, and Kong, the ruler of Skull Island, Legendary Pictures has announced that fans will have a brand new kaiju anime series to look forward to that follows the latter on Netflix.



The partnership between Legendary Pictures and Netflix will once again return to the cursed island that is teeming with giant creatures, following a group of humans as they explore the area and run into the larger than life ape that has become one of the most popular giant monsters around.



The anime, officially titled simply Skull Island, will be produced by Powerhouse Animation Studio, who are responsible for other animated series on the streaming service including Castlevania, Seis Manos, and Blood of Zeus. The upcoming animated series will be written by Brian Duffield, who wrote the popular sci-fi movies Underwater and The Babysitter.



With a Godzilla anime also set to land on Netflix in Godzilla: Singular Point, perhaps there is a chance that we’ll see an anime crossover to boot!




via ComicBook

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