Netflix Announces Next Millarworld Project: King of Spies


Mark Millar’s next comic book with Netflix has been announced in the form of King of Spies, a new original series that will begin as a graphic novel from the Eisner Award nominee. 

An official press release from the streamer, who owns the Millarworld imprint outright after an acquisition a few years ago, called King of Spies an “original Netflix property” and revealed that the artwork from the graphic novel will be “based on designs created by the team at Netflix.” No artist was announced to be attached to the project but the promise of a “superstar artist chosen from the comic-book world.”


The new series is officially described as follows: “In King of Spies, Britain’s greatest secret agent faces his deadliest enemy yet – his own mortality. Diagnosed with a brain tumor and six months to live, the retired Sir Roland King looks around at the world he’s saved so many times and feels he can’t leave us in such a mess. There’s greed and corruption at every level, untouchable despots he was forbidden to go near and a system he just doesn’t believe in any more. He wants to use his remaining time to make a difference with his particular set of skills, and repair the damage he did in his private life at the same time. The most dangerous man in the world has gone rogue and he knows where all the bodies are buried. Now it’s time to go after the REAL monsters…”




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