Nerdette’s ‘Birds Of Prey’ Trailer Reaction

Birds of Prey has been scheduled to be released in 2020. The movie stars Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and she is also as the star of the show.  The original Birds of Prey team was introduced in 1995 when Chuck Dixon did a one shot titled ‘Black Canary and Oracle – Bird of Prey’ – and a bad ass, butt kicking, fierce, all-female team was born. Gail Simone took over in 2003 and did a legendary run adding Huntress to the team, and even others from time to time, although she hardly ever included Harley Quinn.

But when WB and DC Comics decided to make this ass-kicking team into a movie, it looks like they forgot one essential part… Oracle, and instead they added the fan favorite, Harley Quinn.

So I hate to say it, but this is NOT MY Birds of Prey and in my video below I go through exactly why I feel this way, while also showing, and reacting to the trailer.

Tristen Just

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