NBCUniversal’s Peacock Streaming Service Stalls; Loses $467 Million


Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal, didn’t have a lot to offer new members in Q2.


The streamer’s parent company, Comcast, announced during its earnings report on Thursday morning that it maintained its 13 million paid subscribers after focusing on that tier rather than its free one. Peacock did not lose any paying customers, but it did suffer a decline in the number of monthly active users, which fell by a million to 27 million. The corporation reported 24.5 million in January, so that number is still higher.


David Ng of Breitbart put things into perspective and pulled back the curtain on what could be causing Peacock to flounder:


 The highly touted streamer — which features MSNBC programming and original scripted shows like Queer as Folk  — failed to grow its subscriber base during the second quarter and even lost $467 million in the process.




And it’s not only Peacock, but other streamers also struggled to grow their subscriber bases last quarter. Although Netflix just lost roughly a million customers, the left-wing media crowed that they only lost half as many that they anticipated. But as Ng points out, it was still Netflix’s largest quarterly loss of customers in company’s history.


And after all, Peacock is not Netflix. Rival streaming services like Disney+ and HBO Max offer big movies that Peacock lacks, noting that it’s their live sports programming that capitalizes on NBC Sports’ coverage of events like the Super Bowl has perhaps been Peacokc’s best selling feature.

Jamison Ashley

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