MPAA Gives ‘Watchmen: Chapter One’ Animated Film an R Rating


The newest adaptation of DC’s Watchmen has been shrouded in mystery. It reportedly splits the events of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ DC maxiseries of the same name into a two-movie animated saga — and now we have a new detail of exactly what that will entail.


According to a new listing from the MPAA’s Film Ratings board, Watchmen: Chapter I is “Rated R for violent content and some graphic nudity.” While a plot synopsis has not officially been given by Warner Bros. Animation, it has been safe to assume that the Watchmen animated movie will adhere to the plot of Moore and Gibbons’ source material. In it, a group of retired superheroes in an alternate 1985 America must join forces again, after one of their own is murdered.


When you have a giant, blue, naked demigod Doctor Manhattan who is presented as nude in the comics, and is also nude in Zack Snyder’s 2009 film adaptation, , it shouldn’t be a big surprise that we’d get a naked Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen, leading to an R rating for these animated movies.



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